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Cross-border healthcare commentary by Helen Disney

Crisis Management in Healthcare Policymaking by Helen Disney

Free Radicals? by Helen Disney

Future of healthcare commentary by Helen Disney

Play it again, Sam! Health care and the race to the White House by David Torstensson.

Seeing Ahead? by Helen Disney.

Valuing a unique commodity by Helen Disney and Meir Pugatch.

Why the Retirement Age Should be None of the Government’s Business by Kristian Niemietz.

Why yet another Newsletter on Health and Welfare Policies? by Kristian Niemietz and David Torstensson.

Topic of the Month

A profile of the American health sector by Grace-Marie Turner.

Cross-border healthcare in the EU by Paul Healy

Drug Pricing Reforms: A Switch to Value-Based Pricing by Paul Healy

Financial Crisis and Healthcare in Central and Eastern Europe by Paul Healy

Future of Healthcare by Paul Healy

New Public Health White Paper for England: Lessons for National Public Health Systems, or Things to Avoid? by Dr John Middleton

NHS Commissioning: A Better Way Forward? by James Gubb

Slovak reform sets V4 rolling by Peter Pažitný.

The ‘Empowerment Through Savings’ Programme by Philip Booth.

Theory versus Practice: Discussing the Governance of Health Technology Assessment Systems by Paul Healy.

Towards a Europe of Worker Capitalists by José Piñera.

Think Tanker's Corner

A view from the Hudson Institute by Catherine M. Fisher.

Avoiding Band Aids for Broken Bones. Health Care Reform in Lithuania by Monika Kacinskiene.

Healthcare System Reform: The Romanian Patient by Bogdan Lazarescu.

Patient-Centric Comparative Effectiveness by Peter Pitts.

Slovakia: A Free Market Health Care Revolution and its Rollback by Peter Tatar.

Expert's Corner

Interview with Jean Lambert, MEP for the European Green Party

Interview with Kartsen Uno Petersen, Technical Consultant for South Denmark Regional Council

Interview with Pascal Garel, Chief Executive of the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE)

Peering Down the Kaleidoscope: Evidence and Health Economics are Now the Future by Stuart Carroll and Paul O’Donohoe.

Special Report

A Survey of the Greek Health Care System by Savvas Parselias.

Devolved healthcare – the Spanish way by Cristina Palomares

Echoes from the Past? Health Care Reform in Former Communist Countries by Lawrence Freeborn.

Health of the Nation: United Kingdom by Paul Healy

Objection, your Honour! – Socialised medicine in Europe, free market health care in America? by Kristian Niemietz.

Head 2 Head

Lower costs through higher coverage, or higher coverage through lower costs? by David B. Kendall and David Freddoso.

Should Government Have a Role to Play in In-Patient Care? by David Furness and Helen Evans.

Book/Movie Review

2030: The Future of Medicines (Dr Richard Barker) by Helen Disney

Health Consumer Powerhouse’s Euro Health Consumer Index 2009 by Adrienne Cernigoi

Plan B. Den dolda jakten på välfärd [Plan B. The Secret Quest for Welfare] by Henrik Lindberg et al.

Sicko by Michael Moore.

Wachstumsmarkt Gesundheit by Peter Oberender, Ansgar Hebborn and Juergen Zerth.


A New Value-Based Approach to the Pricing of Branded Medicines by Paul Healy, Dr Meir Pugatch and Helen Disney

Keeping Medicines Safe - Extended by Paul Healy and Dr Meir Pugatch

Polybrief: Cross-border healthcare by Stockholm Network

Sharing the Burden: Could risk-sharing change the way we pay for healthcare by Paul Healy, Dr Meir Pugatch and Rachel Chu

The cost of cancer by Policy Exchange


Patient Safety and Comfort: The Challenge of Switching Medicines by Stockholm Network

The welfare state after the crisis by Stockholm Network